Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hi Honies... I'm home!

And this is what I bought... whilst in Paris (along with a couple of G&T's)...


  1. ooh liking the look of that little lot claire.

  2. Pretty!!!
    Just found your comment on my abandoned blog....felt had nothing interesting to blog so let it slip.....
    Have been missing being creative recently...especially after seeing your lovely /inspirational (as always) work...and getting bored with academics ...well renaissance stuff to be specific. Still feeling more knowledgeable if a little lighter in the purse!!!!! Fancy having a go at lino printing?
    Can't believe it is so long since we were thinking about the CCAD exhibition!!!!!
    Good luck with all your lovely work, I sign on to Blogger occasionally just to see what you are up to....and its always good.

  3. PS Was so lovely to hear from you...thanks for remebering me :-)