Sunday, 26 February 2012

'Talk the talk...' (PROPOSAL)

"Claire’s inspiration was the structured form and repetitive imagery of tower blocks and council flats in the UK, the beautiful line of French architecture (after a visit to Paris) and conversely the desolate and dilapidated interiors of abandoned buildings which Claire was drawn to primarily through their loneliness, their muted worn colours and distressed surfaces; this gives her work a sense of abandonment, abstraction and fragility. The geometric influences have naturally developed from the visual research she has analytically explored...the act of distressing once beautiful work to create something else, no less beautiful but perhaps more emotive was the initial idea of the techniques employed by Claire to emulate the ‘ruined’ and bereft feelings of hopelessness the interiors of abandoned buildings and homes can stir. These techniques include an element of destruction...the colours that have been chosen are unexpectedly varied upon closer inspection; candy pink, washed out so much that it is a mere shade above white that has been combined with tinges of the deepest cobalt blue and indigo; the overall appearance of the work is such that one must peer closely to pick out the shades of sage, turquoise and mustard ochre…"
Please feel free to pick to bits (comment!)...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hi Honey...I'm home!

After a very long journey on a coach...I have returned. The Paris trip had it's ups and downs, the 'ups' being selling a lot of students' designs, gaining new contacts & placements, even a job. The 'downs' being having my iphone stolen (which I just can't seem to get over...I know - it's ONLY a phone but it did have my life on it) and also not getting my ten euro's back that I lent to the bus driver.
The new (to me) buzz shop in town is 'Merci', a concept shop with the most gorgeous products, but my favourite bike was 2,500 euro. (can you tell I don't know how to type the euro symbol on my mac yet). There's good info and photos on this blog here.

This is an image made up of vinyl strips just outside The Museum of Modern Art which was rather good, slight problem in that all the photo's I took inside WERE ON MY PHONE.
Back to work now and preparing for my working trip to Printsource, New York City... 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Friday, 10 February 2012

before Paris...

I need to put in a proposal based on the yet to be completed project, read 'nowhere near completed' project... 2000 words plus C.V. plus images plus application form plus detailed description of each work (how?) I have 2 days. If I don't do it does it mean there is something more fruitful/ useful/ suitable/ relevant round the corner (i.e. when I DO finish it) delivered by fate? 
I have been waiting to take better photographs before I posted but as I have said, there are only 2 days until I go to Paris. So I am posting but with a limited number of images - that will be 1.
My title is 'Built Up, Broken Down' and when I have written my 2000 word essay on that and returned from PARIS, I will cut & paste some of it for your constructive criticism.
For now this is my concept/ mood board.