Sunday, 9 January 2011

ice bucket

completely refreshed after a beautiful weekend in Bowes...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year Miracles...

before I get onto the miraculous, I should say I don't feel well, my mother believes it is because I have done too much whereas I believe it is because I haven't done enough. The trick here is to look at what I have achieved rather than dwell on what I haven't (it is after all the dawning of a new year) but I am talking about only the last 2
  • an almost full sketchbook of work I am proud of (no small feat)
  • a happy christmas
  • an immense amount of filing
I am still tempted to tell you what I haven't done but I won't.

onto the miracle... at the end of december 2009 I wrote a list, not that exciting you say. well this list was of 10 things that would be true by the end of december 2010. it was written in a small black bound narrow lined muji notebook, tied with a black grosgrain ribbon and hidden away at the back of a drawer in my studio, it included some big things, some small things, some life changing, some confidence boosting but all things I wanted to happen. I went to find it this morning, after dismantling my tree and not wanting to face the rest of the decorations (some that I will once again leave up, not from laziness you understand but because I like them - I do fear that in a few years I will not need to put up and take down any decorations as they will all be a permanant fixture!) anyway, the list, 6.5 things HAD happened, how amazing is that! I don't know how it works but it does, maybe having written them down in a special place etches it all on your subconcious and you unknowingly work towards your hopes and dreams. maybe it happens anyway (list or no list) and you only forget you wanted it. you may ask what about the other 3.5 things? well, thats being greedy and they mattered little, little enough not to even put them back on this years list. of course I wrote a new 10 things and carefully put back the book.
I read somewhere a similar idea, but this way you put your list somewhere you would see it everyday, I think this would depress me so i'm not.
Happy New Year.