Wednesday, 23 June 2010

waving it all goodbye...

now i don't like to admit defeat, and rarely do so...however... this time i think i will, for my sanity.

there is no doubt in my mind that i will submit my entry (see previous posts) but i do not LIKE what i have produced, it looks like i have just thrown my samples onto a jacket, from a great distance at that (which i almost have)...
i could blame it on;
  • having no time
  • having little time
  • having too many other things to do
but of course there is no point!

i am almost ashamed to say that it is a long time since i have been disappointed in my own work, so perhaps it's time i was. so for now, contrary to what i have said earlier about finishing the collection regardless i will cut my losses and move on...
...finally thinking about the garments for

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

deadline looming...

frantically stitching... i will NEVER have enough for the Hand & Lock deadline (i have a week left), so much for starting early (which i did) and no doubt it will be the same old H & L story, however, i am not too distressed as i will continue and finish my collection, simply because i like it. i still love the brief and have tried to be more commercial in my approach, although i do feel that i am slightly cheating myself, and please note: when i say 'commercial' i am still actually talking 'haute couture' ! (if that makes sense).
i will post the images when i get back from New Designers as i shall be sending my girls off to an inspiring location to do a little photo shoot for me hopefully by Thursday.
well, better get on with it!

Monday, 14 June 2010

my sisters wedding...

and a woman actually looked...

and i know i have twitted it already but you could find my work under the big sign saying 'Top of Europe', unfortunately i forgot to get photographic evidence...

a little precis of my trip:

1. my 1.5 hour flight actually took 7 hours due to unnecessary turbulence and thunderstorms which meant not being able to land at appointed airport therefore adding 2 extra flights with no escape from plane or a screaming man. (on the upside i did have a very close view of the lightening to look at most of the way).
2. my suitcase (small enough to be hand luggage = important point) did not come out of conveyor belt for about 1.5 more hours, eventually found on next conveyor belt alongside (so actually it may have been going round for that 1.5 hours.)
3. arrived at my bed at 4 am.
4. up at crack of dawn ( that was actually also when i went to bed) nice drive to Karlsruhe and an opportunity to wear sunglasses.
5. hotel good, missed the tea and coffee making facilities though.
6. excellent trade show/fair with quite traditional textiles (read felt balls and nuno) but displayed in a highly contemporary and slick manner, great jewellery. fashion show = first time i've seen bags coming down the catwalk as a main attraction...quite weird, when you see me ask me to demonstrate.
7. free entrance as i am very important.
8. next day did the networking thing...mmm...but got some great links for highly exciting placements for my students. they better get saving for that lifetime opportunity in Korea.
9. return journey...ha...big fat hairy moth on window next to me in bus = business men having the best time, eventually rescued by one.
10. landed 10.30 manchester. no case. surprise. lightening does strike twice.