Thursday, 28 February 2013

Collector Exhibition

In case you've missed it on Facebook I would just like to say that my exhibition 'Claire A Baker - Collector' is almost upon us, well...'me'. 

The preview evening is on Wednesday March 13th and if you would like to attend as a regular reader of my blog you are most welcome - just click here.
If you can't make it, the gallery will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 10-3pm until May 17th except over the Easter holidays, so please check before travelling- click here.
There will be selected items from the extensive mass of collected items of (beautiful)'junk' I have acquired over the years; I haven't decided which yet, which is slightly worrying! I am even still working on my pieces...sigh. I will be absolutely mortified if it's embarrassing, the thought of this is what is keeping me going.

Next job on the list is finishing the veil with the heart above, which finishes the outfit ensemble.
Anyway...these items of historical and cultural value (junk) are what has inspired my style of work I guess, and often particular individual works or projects; either obviously or subconsciously. I have numerous examples that eventually I will photograph together, until then you can use this opportunity to 'spot the link'. 
Words I would use to describe the 'look' of my embroidery work include 'emotive', 'subtle' and purveying an 'essence of reminiscence' but... with aspects of delicious edginess. (Lacroix! - CALL ME!)  
Note: Just had another look - maybe 'subtle' it's not?!


  1. Can't wait to see all the pieces come together, especially the outfit! All looking stunning as ever. jayne x

  2. Hope your opening night was a huge success, sorry I couldn't make it. Sure everybody LOVED your work........:-)