Sunday, 31 July 2011

This is NOT steam punk.

- just a use for some antique watch and clock parts I came across in a forgotten box in a cupboard in my studio... I scanned a dilapidated watch face and etched/ cut it from offcuts of plywood, stained them with coffee and ink and added the bits and jewellery findings. I feel they will be the last things I make for a while.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

you win some, you lose some more...

this is about a brilliant idea, well I thought it was, unfortunately the panel didn't select it.
I recently pitched my idea for designing and making a limited edition commemorative product; which I enjoyed doing immensely I have to say. I
would like to be VERY dramatic at this point but they were so nice it feels wrong... so I will just tell you all about my idea for a series of new
pieces (medals!??!!)...which is still in the pipeline but will have to be for another project in some way, shape or form.

actually on second thoughts I don't know whether I can explain it in writing very well so I will just show you my sample/ design boards and dwell on the 'not
being selected' business...

I think it's time to throw in a few old sayings for 'boosting' purposes...any more suggestions -please add...
  • onwards and upwards
  • I will get my reward in heaven
  • practice makes perfect...
  • it is all meant to be :-)
  • there's plenty more commissions in the sea (ah - scratch that)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

don't expect clever styling...(from me)

right here, right now (well on Saturday at Middlesbrough Town Hall it's DesignersMarketplace)! I am going through the usual last minute un-preparedness... but I shall do my best to appear to be organised and calm and pleasant (hard one that) with some good (!) stuff... it's always a good day for socialising and chatting and drinking lots of coffee (when I can persuade the lovely public to go to the coffee shop for me)...AND if every person who comes in spends a pound on my 'high quality goods' I can go on cool is that, no pressure of course :-)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

new !!!

I can't actually show you my final medal piece for Design Event Presents... it's strictly under wraps but will be unveiled at The Baltic in October 2011... hold your breath and save your's a limited edition :-)

a little extra...

currently in testing for 'fitness for purpose' , this ring is currently standing up to a LOT of washing up (unfortunately I am having to do it).

thinking thoughts on paper...

Initial ideas and samples for Design Event Presents October 2011...a sneak preview (don't tell anyone).