Saturday, 29 March 2014

Not up to much...

I don't really want this to turn into an 'Urbexing' blog but that is mainly what I have been doing, you can see some of the most recent pictures on my Facebook page so I will only post a couple of my 'abstract externals'...

And this one... for the lines;

obviously I shall draw all some point! 
Meanwhile I have started some artwork inspired by all the dilapidation I have been photographing, and although it is in it's very early stages I am not yet in the flow and I think it shows, it definitely doesn't have a direction. I have made the mistake of being a bit too careful and it's stilted but I intend to loosen it up and reflect the messiness by introducing inks and red wine, forgetting about the flat colour, trying to be neat and also the fact that it is for an exhibition and just play with it for a while.
need to add yellow ochre as I can't seem to live without it
table mess

unfinished - obviously!