Sunday, 30 May 2010

making lists...

things to do...
  • plan trip to Karlsruhe via Frankfurt (better late than never) in 9 days time
  • prepare everything for sisters wedding, happening in 12 days time so have only got 7 days left - see above... (the st. tropez is now out of the question)
  • prepare for manic 2 days of putting degree show up (well nothing manual - just had nails done)
  • buy dress for above (when am i supposed to do that?)
  • tax return coming up (note to self -'do it')
  • remember to go on ebay at 6pm
  • get my e-mail sorted on
  • reply to all e-mails ever
  • 'oversee' the decorating going on upstairs
  • etc.
  • **sigh**
  • oh, has anyone got a white fiat 500 to help me ferry bridesmaids to church???
wow - try this... colour generator
i also like this... comic maker (obviously i don't have time to actually do it)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

winging its way here...

..............images from

is some of my work...and i hope to follow... it looks a really interesting show, and a perfect example of 'one thing leads to another'.

European Prize of Applied Arts:

In cooperation with WCC Belgium Francophone World Crafts Council Europe presents the European Prize of Applied Arts 2009. A selection of award winners will demonstrate the variety of Applied Arts in Europe in Karlsruhe -June 2010.

click here for info in English...and here for deutsch.
and... you MUST watch this video!
it's fabulous.

showing here this week...

...St. Mary's RC Church, 27 Bridge Street, Sunderland. SR1 1TQ...

...4 selected pieces from the 'foundling collection'...
also...Kevin Dixons beautifully expressive florals and Mimi's perfectly colourful nudes.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


tonight's delights...

off to see Northumbria University's fashion show then a little snack in the Baltic ...

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010

free to good home...

card stand...anyone want it? you need to collect as it won't fit in my car. great for people who do fairs/shows etc. and who have a normal or large size car.