Sunday, 27 May 2012

a little bit on the side...

Not my main task of the month...just a little addition; along with my exhibition pieces I am currently designing a range of DIY products, not because I am lazy and don't really want to make 500 of some'thing' but because we all love to make things don't we? It's nice to be able to say "I made it myself' (if it's good). Here is a sneak preview of my (very easy) DIY Bird Bunting... soon to be on a shelf , or even downloadable mmm... now where's my glamorous assistant?

Friday, 18 May 2012

New old product...

This was not on my list but I did it anyway...  authentic, original vintage, French torchons (that's a tea towel!)...printed by hand on my pool table using my own (obviously) illustration of a Wyndham Bantam. I started collecting vintage tea towels a few years ago, always with the intention of overprinting my own design on them. I have to say they are more expensive than you would expect...  but anyway, obviously I only use those in the absolute best condition. I have made two, rush down to Croft Interiors if you want one... it's a very limited edition and what else are you going to hang off your aga?...

Saturday, 12 May 2012


I am aware I am not getting very far or being particularly prolific at the moment with this very important collection of work - i.e. deadline impending.
Due to reasons such as:

  • other deadlines for other things that were earlier 
  • application for funding to be filled in (feel a bit sick)
  • tax returns (feel VERY sick)
  • busy time at art college
  • going to 'things'
  • feeling sick

Anyway I have to keep stopping and starting, and to start means to draw (again)in order to FOCUS...and anyway there are more things to be drawn, so I chose to do a quick drawing (see above) so I can get on and start designing and then producing some final pieces. I am desperate to start those ... so once I have put a years worth of bank statements in chronological order I think I will... I definitely will.