Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010

to sean...

wherever you are...thank you x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

open all hours

the project has gone live and I am eagerly awaiting someone to actually blog about one of my medals!
lets hope they are not still languishing in the drawer!
see the results here. there is also a photo of the cart here at SteakHaus (Friday 24th September).
I shall be checking back frequently so if you do have one of medals I would love to hear about it, if the stitching is putting you off just give it to a stitcher or someone who knows someone... eventually it shall find one!

Monday, 20 September 2010

check me out

mentions this and here. loving it! thanks Katy.
finished work for The artfair, so it's all packed and if you want a unique, one off piece of art for only £48 you better get there.

( i like the misuse of capital letters but usually onlY by Me) strange that.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


product-ion line.
These are for the Newcastle/Gateshead Art Fair at The Sage 1st - 3rd October, to 'decorate' a beautiful sideboard, well to 'dress' the inside of it (possibly) - let's hope someone opens the door!
Unfortunately I couldn't get the 'usual' size boxes (I have a lot of trouble with box supplies) so... I went for these, funny how the same item in a bigger box seems more value for money.
Anyway, I know it's not 'Art' as we know it at an 'Art Fair' but just frame one of these and Bob's your uncle.

nice cage.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

love me...

live with me!...
Medals are made, ready to be shipped to Designed and Made's WONDERCART. I am getting my own special drawer made on the antique market barrow which will take up residence at London Design Festival (for starters) 18-26th September, it should be a really interesting exhibition and we will all be able to track the medals' progress through numerous people's hands (hopefully) through the medium of blogging. There will be some fabulous things by some fabulous makers on loan to some fabulous people!
Future venues include Design Event North East 2010. Watch this space!

Medal No. 13:

-is from a limited edition of 13; ' the Bakers Dozen'
-the pack includes: your medal, a velvet presentation cushion, a cushion slip to embroider, needles & threads, a handmade book about the object.
- the embroidery is an opportunity to 'make your mark', collaborate with the maker, help make it more beautiful before you pass it on to a most worthy do the same.

-as the medal moves through hands it will become more embellished and return a new and improved version of itself.
-think carefully, who is worthy of your medal? who will be the next ephemeral owner? and why?
-the stories that will be revealed along the journey will form a major part of the medals' new history.
-love me, stitch me, wear me, live with me.

If you are not lucky enough to get one for yourself or maybe you are but then (reluctantly obviously!) pass it on, you can purchase your own permanent object of beauty here (medal only).
Learn more about Designed and Made here (new website coming soon).