Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sacred Heart of Paris...

I am readying myself for the annual trip to Paris tomorrow... Indigo & Premier Vision... so before I choose which shoes to take I have had to prepare a new embroidery to be getting on with in any spare minutes that I may have !!!? That is if my needle doesn't get confiscated...I found a great tip on a forum somewhere to avoid taking scissors - use dental floss packaging; how clever is that?!
So, these are the initial stages of it happening... it looks a bit rubbish so far but I am (fairly) confident I can make it look gorgeous by the end of the week (possibly).
Already I have had some mishaps and troubles but I am not ready to give up yet... for instance I started with a really old, yellowed, tatty veil and have been wanting to do a sacred heart embroidery for a while, so thought it would be the perfect base... I ironed it in readiness and it melted completely, :-(

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