Sunday, 20 April 2014

Painting: in Progress...

At least I now have some kind of idea of the look and feel of this collection of drawings now... i.e. nothing like how I initially imagined. I think I have now progressed to the 'very beginning' stage. I have 2 finished A2 sheets, this one being closest to how the rest may pan out, in three steps...drawn from a collage of photographs taken of motifs found on stones at Le Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris and a Parisian metro station entrance, using layers of original old 'found' wallpaper (in Darlington not Paris).

I'm intending to use these (when finished!) to design some embroidered fashion fabrics from ... am quite fancying using this one as is though - digitally printed on the front of an A line skirt panel? um?
The other paintings I started are no further forward (yet), may have to go urbexing this afternoon for further research and dirtiness.