Sunday, 23 June 2013

Print Art Salvage Handmade

A full, busy weekend again... BUT this week it is not being used as an excuse for not blogging. I also know I am well overdue for a newsletter, the trouble is I do have a full time job and with final shows, assessing and New Designers in London this week, it's the busiest time of the year.
So... I am writing this on my way to Sheffield in a 17 seater army minibus to help move out my daughters from their student accommodation for the summer. Better prepare for box carrying and calorie burning :-/
Yesterday was also very lovely, I went to PASH. Everyone must go there! My creative friend Joanna Coupland recommended it to me, it's housed in an old flax mill just outside of York and it's full of reclamation amazingness and vintage STUFF, and it's beautiful. Prices, on the whole are ok too which is refreshing...look at it!

old loom - weave when fixed
more science tubes
 Personally, I was very restrained; out of necessity, because I haven't got bottomless pockets but I did buy this...
...(probably) hand blown, large glass chemists flask on a tall scientific stand (makes me feel cleverer) for £25. And also this... omg...
...a belt from an old machine from a woollen mill, with leather straps and wood slats, don't ask me what I will do with it, it just looks amazing. £15.
The icing on the cake and the cherry on the top was something we weren't expecting to be there...a letterpress workshop, some beautiful prints and old wooden type to drool over - pass me the tissues. Dionne Swift has some very nice work for sale there too.

Oh and for £1.00 from the carboot on the way, I found this guillotine - arrrrr mmmm ;-)