Saturday, 16 July 2011

thinking thoughts on paper...

Initial ideas and samples for Design Event Presents October 2011...a sneak preview (don't tell anyone).


  1. wow, you have been medalling!!!!!!! (you must have been reading my mind when I wrote my question last night???!!!!:-))

    I LOVE them :-)

    MUST brave the terrible transport system and visit the Baltic when you are there!

    (Wish I'd had the chance to see your design process when struggling with recording mine!)

  2. P.S Just noticed you like Rob Ryan and there's lots of his work at Gallerina Darlington at the moment-come to think of it, maybe Richard the owner would sell your work too...

  3. cHRIS... NUMBER 1: I didn't read your mind , I responded to your comment (thought I'd better get my finger out!!!)

    NUMBER 2: my design process is not exactly a good example! It's do as I say not as I do :-)

    NUmBER 3: thanks!

  4. No.1 Wish my comments always produced such great results!!!!!! (need to take some notice of mnyself and pull my finger out too-too easy to prevaricate)
    No.2Keep up the good work- doing as u do not as u say!!!!!!! (didn't know I speak double dutch:-))
    No.3 My pleasure, as always (having been a fan, as you know, since your own FMP show some seven ???!!! years ago) :-):-):-)