Sunday, 31 July 2011

This is NOT steam punk.

- just a use for some antique watch and clock parts I came across in a forgotten box in a cupboard in my studio... I scanned a dilapidated watch face and etched/ cut it from offcuts of plywood, stained them with coffee and ink and added the bits and jewellery findings. I feel they will be the last things I make for a while.


  1. Wo.... they are great...can't stop making beautiful things now- you are on a roll.......... (well, except to enjoy a well earned holiday somewhere nice that is!!!:-) )Also,waiting to find out what you create from that collar and vintage thread......:-):-)

  2. See, if you keep things long enough you can always find a use for them!! Love the idea and they look fantastic. Get together soon?

  3. Love them Claire
    You've got to keep making things.....just to be an inspiration to us under achievers
    Luv H