Saturday, 30 July 2011

you win some, you lose some more...

this is about a brilliant idea, well I thought it was, unfortunately the panel didn't select it.
I recently pitched my idea for designing and making a limited edition commemorative product; which I enjoyed doing immensely I have to say. I
would like to be VERY dramatic at this point but they were so nice it feels wrong... so I will just tell you all about my idea for a series of new
pieces (medals!??!!)...which is still in the pipeline but will have to be for another project in some way, shape or form.

actually on second thoughts I don't know whether I can explain it in writing very well so I will just show you my sample/ design boards and dwell on the 'not
being selected' business...

I think it's time to throw in a few old sayings for 'boosting' purposes...any more suggestions -please add...
  • onwards and upwards
  • I will get my reward in heaven
  • practice makes perfect...
  • it is all meant to be :-)
  • there's plenty more commissions in the sea (ah - scratch that)


  1. How about...It's not the winning but the taking part.....
    Positivity begets positivity and vice versa...(as I Know too well...!!!).
    Great medals, great designs no reason why you can't go out there and produce them any way... (Middlesbrough museum shop?). Probably just didn't fit with their own venue/limited ideas/panel vision-somewhere else would have been accepted like a shot!
    Don't let it get you down (I so know how put off I would be if it were me in your position)Keep on creating your beautiful things, James Dyson is my new hero , he made over 5,000 prototypes and was turned down by everybody-they all rubbished his vacuum cleaner-and look at him now....:-) )

  2. P.S. It still is a brilliant idea!!!!

  3. - the cats out the bag
    - what goes up must come down.
    - the pot calling the kettle black.
    - bird in the hands worth two in the bush.
    - bite the bullet
    - an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    - like a loose cannon
    - happy as larry miserable as sin
    - stich in time save nine
    - many a word said in gest
    - Things are not always what they seem
    - what goes around come around
    - piggy in the middle
    - the grass is always greener on the other side
    - speak of the devil
    - the balls in your court
    - bite the hand that feeds you
    - bite off more than you can chew
    - born with a silver spoon in your mouth
    - break the bank
    - jump on the bandwagon
    - skeleton in the cupboard
    - stick to your guns
    - strike while the irons hot
    - straigh from the horses mouth
    - sweet fanny adams
    - take the bull by the horns
    - take with a pinch of salt
    - turn over a new leaf
    - untill the cows come home
    - the penny has dropped
    - money makes the world go round
    - spend pennies make pounds
    - a picture paints a thousand words
    - wolf in sheeps clothing
    - get out of bed on the wrong side
    - throw down the gauntlet
    - tarred with the same brush
    - its not over till the fat lady sings

    haha claire i know so many more.
    hope this helps
    rachael dobbins

  4. Hey! OMG...I'm not sure I need anymore Rachael! THanks for that!!!! Not sure they all are relevant for this occasion but I will certainly take note and I think I now have one for every occasion! I know where to come in future...and I think it's great to finish on 'its not over till the fat lady sings'...
    and Chris...thanks for yours too :-) James Dyson!

  5. Yes James Dyson!!!!! He was an ART Graduate (!!!)with a brilliant rejected, got ripped off and even sold out by a friend.... but has succeeded SPECTACULARLY, anyway...inspirational ....and not bad for his age either!!!!!:-)