Saturday, 12 May 2012


I am aware I am not getting very far or being particularly prolific at the moment with this very important collection of work - i.e. deadline impending.
Due to reasons such as:

  • other deadlines for other things that were earlier 
  • application for funding to be filled in (feel a bit sick)
  • tax returns (feel VERY sick)
  • busy time at art college
  • going to 'things'
  • feeling sick

Anyway I have to keep stopping and starting, and to start means to draw (again)in order to FOCUS...and anyway there are more things to be drawn, so I chose to do a quick drawing (see above) so I can get on and start designing and then producing some final pieces. I am desperate to start those ... so once I have put a years worth of bank statements in chronological order I think I will... I definitely will.


  1. Keep going Claire......deadlines always concentrate the mind!!!!!! I always find having lists and timetable sheets I could tick things off helped (little things, like ticking things off a list and seeing it get shorter, have always pleased my little mind :-) )Good luck with everything. Looking forward to seeing the lovely things you are planning as finished pieces-you always produce such beautiful things............

  2. I do a list, then do something not on the list, so write it on list so I can cross SOMETHING off, we all do it ! even if its something 'normal' like washing hair!
    am still breathing! (actually I better put that on the list...)