Friday, 18 May 2012

New old product...

This was not on my list but I did it anyway...  authentic, original vintage, French torchons (that's a tea towel!)...printed by hand on my pool table using my own (obviously) illustration of a Wyndham Bantam. I started collecting vintage tea towels a few years ago, always with the intention of overprinting my own design on them. I have to say they are more expensive than you would expect...  but anyway, obviously I only use those in the absolute best condition. I have made two, rush down to Croft Interiors if you want one... it's a very limited edition and what else are you going to hang off your aga?...


  1. Very impressed pinting on your pool table! Gorgeous as usual. jayne x

  2. Amazing how a deadline makes other things so much more interesting (even cleaning?!!!!). It may not have been on 'the list' but but was well worth while doing!!!! VERY superior tea cloths-wish I had an aga to hang one from!!!!! such a good use of a billiard table (love 'outside the box' thinking)

  3. Thanks girls :-)

    not sure about the cleaning comment Chris.. but as soon as you get an aga let me know , I will print you a special tea towel!