Sunday, 26 February 2012

'Talk the talk...' (PROPOSAL)

"Claire’s inspiration was the structured form and repetitive imagery of tower blocks and council flats in the UK, the beautiful line of French architecture (after a visit to Paris) and conversely the desolate and dilapidated interiors of abandoned buildings which Claire was drawn to primarily through their loneliness, their muted worn colours and distressed surfaces; this gives her work a sense of abandonment, abstraction and fragility. The geometric influences have naturally developed from the visual research she has analytically explored...the act of distressing once beautiful work to create something else, no less beautiful but perhaps more emotive was the initial idea of the techniques employed by Claire to emulate the ‘ruined’ and bereft feelings of hopelessness the interiors of abandoned buildings and homes can stir. These techniques include an element of destruction...the colours that have been chosen are unexpectedly varied upon closer inspection; candy pink, washed out so much that it is a mere shade above white that has been combined with tinges of the deepest cobalt blue and indigo; the overall appearance of the work is such that one must peer closely to pick out the shades of sage, turquoise and mustard ochre…"
Please feel free to pick to bits (comment!)...


  1. Loving the artwork-very Phantom of the Opera to me.....not quite what You'd written but hey we all come at things from different directions. Actually after smiling at you talking the talk, like me having to speak the artspeak (autonomy, medium speficity, phenomological,etc. etc.) found your piece really intiguing and wistful, so really looking forward to the seeing the final products/outcomes Good Luck!!

  2. Hi A.C.
    thanks for the comment, your words are a little more highbrow than mine... will bear all those in mind next time!
    I guess you can't really see my interpretation in one sketchbook page... but hey I just do what comes out anyway, the proposal (part of) was for an exhibition , the outcomes of which will hopefully be developed and got to in time, my problem is that I need to get some fashion fabrics out of it first , which doesn't really let me focus quite yet on fulfilling my own brief. Also I can't really give it all away as yet!
    Hope you're well :-)

  3. Not really high brow just academics trying to sound clever as always!!!!

    By the way, forgot to say...hope you don't mind me pointing out but another reason for my smiles was your opening phrase 'Claire#s inspiration was the ....' reminded me of those humerous cards that start Julia thought she....then something follows that's funny/risque so my initial thought was its a u know what take, then realised it was serious (bit like my love for the world thought sounding like a Miss World speach!!!!!!!:-)Maybe starting with 'the structured form.... might avoid that (looked at too many cards for my FMP research!!!!)
    I'm well thanx just embroiled in a proposal for an extended 3,500 word essay based on Harlow Family- Moore and The Angel of the North-public sculpture. Choice mainly because I have yo be able to visit one of the art works and the Angels not going anywhere and is nearby (cheap to visit!!!).
    Ther is a lecture at the DLI on March 12th 12.30on Soviet architecture/Constructivism-might be relevant to your blocks/flats etc.?

  4. I love your proposal talk. Love the visuals and the muted tones. Looking forward to seing more. Truly inspiring.

  5. ps DLI lectures accompany local origins (Bishop Auckland)'boy did good' Stephenson's abstract paintings -based on blocks/geometrical shapes as well as colour, for representing housing etc. He went to London taught there and was friends with leading British abstractionists (Nicholson et al)
    Much prefer your beautiful drawing/painting of curved staircases!!!!:-)

  6. ooo lovely... and AC now you have me thinking re. 'Claire's' card jokes :)
    lecture sounds good will investigate!

  7. I look forward to your 'Claire'cards :-),glad You weren't offended as the rest of the proposal was ace!(especially as I loved your alternative Valentine's Day thoughts!!!!)and maybe seeing you at one of the lectures??? They sound interesting to me to, for my extended essay.....and the homemade scones in the coffee shop are delicious tooo..........:-) :-)