Monday, 20 February 2012

Hi Honey...I'm home!

After a very long journey on a coach...I have returned. The Paris trip had it's ups and downs, the 'ups' being selling a lot of students' designs, gaining new contacts & placements, even a job. The 'downs' being having my iphone stolen (which I just can't seem to get over...I know - it's ONLY a phone but it did have my life on it) and also not getting my ten euro's back that I lent to the bus driver.
The new (to me) buzz shop in town is 'Merci', a concept shop with the most gorgeous products, but my favourite bike was 2,500 euro. (can you tell I don't know how to type the euro symbol on my mac yet). There's good info and photos on this blog here.

This is an image made up of vinyl strips just outside The Museum of Modern Art which was rather good, slight problem in that all the photo's I took inside WERE ON MY PHONE.
Back to work now and preparing for my working trip to Printsource, New York City... 


  1. bad news about the phone but great news about selling lots of work n new contacts! oh and, press 'fn' and 'alt' together then '2' to get the euro symbol! lol

  2. Thanks Sarah! We got some tips about what work sells best in NY too!

  3. Welcome back, love the little car....see comment on previous post about your DLI work!!!!Needs replenishment :-)

  4. Hi Chris
    Thanks for the update! Thing is it's only supposed to be there at DLI until end of February anyway.... (I think!)

  5. Oh in that case just pick up when time over!!!!No one elses things seem to have sold so amybe they will give you an extension?!!
    Sorry about your phone, all you needed when on a busy work trip....hope NY contact works out well for you.
    Am trying to sort out an extended essay proposal, shades of Textile dissertation only not on a pet subject and having to relate to two art critiscism texts ughhhh. Have to be able to view one of the two chosen ...don't think the Angel of the North is going anywhere.....!!!? As usual too many different threads/ideas so state of chaos in house and head..... Malcolm's dissertation soooo much nicer to do...