Friday, 10 February 2012

before Paris...

I need to put in a proposal based on the yet to be completed project, read 'nowhere near completed' project... 2000 words plus C.V. plus images plus application form plus detailed description of each work (how?) I have 2 days. If I don't do it does it mean there is something more fruitful/ useful/ suitable/ relevant round the corner (i.e. when I DO finish it) delivered by fate? 
I have been waiting to take better photographs before I posted but as I have said, there are only 2 days until I go to Paris. So I am posting but with a limited number of images - that will be 1.
My title is 'Built Up, Broken Down' and when I have written my 2000 word essay on that and returned from PARIS, I will cut & paste some of it for your constructive criticism.
For now this is my concept/ mood board.

1 comment:

  1. OMG..............but.............U WILL DO IT IN TIME........cos ......a deadline always focus the mind!!!!!!!
    Paris....oh would be so lovely.....wish I could have done one of those trips, but never enough money.....isn't always so....

    GOOD LUCK with the proposal and then...ENJOY :-)