Monday, 14 February 2011

Paris (purchased)...

ok so you knew I wouldn't be able to visit anywhere and not buy anything! but... each purchase was 10 euro's or much less so how could I resist, and a girls gotta do what she shouldn't!

a pair of pigeons: I looked at these, wasn't sure, asked the price, 10 euros, mmm = no, (I had 5 in mind). tried to barter, got as far as 7, gave up, walked away, a woman picked them up and was studying them for a long, long time; I watched her turn them over in her hands and at that point realised I really, really wanted them. so... as soon as she let go I RAN back and paid 7.

beautiful, tonal, pastel, warped, tinted, 60's Russian slideshow: for those balmy nights when all one wants to do is dream of Leningrad and statues of Kirov...and a tractor driver (he was free).

portable record player: this is sweeeet, still... I had no intention of buying this, was just curious when I asked the price. but the man with the black irish gypsy curly hair said 10 euro's; I shook my head slowly as there was no way I was going to carry this round Paris ALL day, but then he said cinq.

this is IT. the definitive piece of French vintage striped ribbon. I LOVE this! (just a tiny bit more than I love my children.)


  1. is a little bubble of wretchedness, to imagine your heart sinking as the woman turned the doves in her hands..then a flutter of joy to know you dashed back and scooped them from right under her nose...

    I am amused to see you bring back Russian souveniers from Paris...only you might...and what do the slides show ? We want to see !

    Oh, and welcome home x

  2. slides published amongst a myriad of things to do...for you x