Monday, 28 February 2011

on my high horse.

'try, try and try again' is the moral of this story...
good things come to those who strive, or more like 'work hard and you will eventually get what you dream of', do you want to reap your reward in heaven or get your just desserts right now?... God I should've been a journalist...two great things happened today, I didn't realise how great they were till I actually sat and thought about it, but it was actually fabulous, well, now I've started to write I can only remember one of them.
a student of mine is looking for sponsorship for her final degree show, she has been proactively seeking sponsorship for... let's say a while, please note: she has written A LOT of letters and she has had some success already.
anyway, the story goes she sent an e-mail (one of many remember) to an online bead supply company as she is doing heavily embellished surfaces therefore requires a lot of beads, sequins etc. and the reply was actually quite astounding...she has been offered AS MUCH as she wants from the factory, 'take some binbags and fill 'em!' but also an offer of creative work! this all comes from being PASSIONATE about something, in this case this companies products, which she is too... enthusiasm is catching and some people are VERY kind and appreciative. cliche no.100: 'what goes around comes around' - so be nice.
P.S. when I remember what the other amazing thing was, I will let you know.


  1. She has done so well! I'm so pleased for her :)

  2. too have got what you deserve! WELL DONE!

  3. That is a lovely piece of good news."Do as you would be done by" is a moto I like to live by. x