Thursday, 19 March 2015


These are some of the prints I did at the weekend... there is one I love as is (for now and not shown). There are 4 that have potential within a collection (of what I'm not sure/worrying about) with more work; i.e. more layers of print, perhaps some overdying and some embroidery. There are also two that are awful and unresolvable.

Faded and worn detail
But as I am itching to get started on some design work I am just flinging out initial ideas using 'materials', I'm sure whatever they finally turn into will be a million miles away from these samples.  My own suggestion to myself is that I aim for a collection of just beautiful fabrics for now and worry about that or see where it goes later.
Discharge on Indigo, screenprint
I think this has got something


  1. These are gorgeous Claire, I love the depth of colour and then the discharge such a contrast. What is the last print printed on? it is such an interesting background. I love the depth of the indigo but also the subtlety of the last print. look forward to seeing the development - if you decide to work into them. jx

  2. A collection of just beautiful fabrics sounds perfect to me x