Friday, 30 January 2015

Some Sketchbook Stuff...

I took a look at my (MA) sketchbook this week... I was worried that my concept wasn't coming through in a focused enough way. I know why, and it does generally. But I wanted to take my own advice and get the initial ideas out of my head and down on paper (in order to let it later develop and hopefully get more fabulous almost accidentally), so I could get on with trying to visually communicate (perhaps through embroidery), what the main point actually is.

It was fun and lovely and I intend to do (a lot) more this weekend. This time I may even do some stitching. I am so excited about it at the moment, slightly worried at the same time but this is what I love and if I get to do what I love at least some of the time, how amazing is that? I am hoping I am snowed in for at least a week.

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