Monday, 27 May 2013

'Claire A Baker' Collector Exhibition

As my exhibition is now over, I would like to thank the multitudes of people who visited and left lovely comments for me…
After the very busy preview evening with tea and cake, we had a steady footfall throughout the weeks it was open. I would like to thank all the student volunteers who manned the gallery and took time to chat to the visitors.


I will be pulling it all down next Wednesday and that will be that… although I would like to take the whole lot travelling; if anyone has a gallery or knows of a gallery that may want to host this ‘beautiful’ (!) body of work please let me know and I will send a promotional pack containing glossy photographs, a brochure and a copy of a very special film of the exhibition.

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  1. Its come and gone so fast! But it as fabulous! I am very glad I managed to see it :)