Monday, 31 December 2012

The 12 days of...Stitch

12 days is my deadline (self imposed) for this piece; working from historical influences in the way of traditional patchwork shapes updated by the intention of slapping a budgie next to it... reasoning being they wouldn't have done that in centuries past...
The images above show the results of 12 solid hours of stitch so when you come along to my first solo exhibition in March '13 please be sure to mentally calculate the total time of the finished piece and if nothing else, appreciate that!

I can't long it has been since my last post... it's TERRIBLE! I think I have felt that I haven't had anything solid to say about anything solid... for the past few weeks/months everything seems to have been very bitty- a bit of this and a bit of that.

If I were to have a New Years resolution it would be to update my blog at least fortnightly, if only to make myself do something worthwhile that often in order to mention it.

As this will be my last post of 2012 I won't list the ups and downs of the past year but look forward to what I hope to achieve in 2013, in short:

  • for my exhibition to be successful
  • to sell some work
  • to get my book to a publishable state
  • to launch my new 'collection' of paper jewellery at Design Event(proposal yet to be written) 
There will be more information about the March exhibition as and when but I am very aware I have as little as 10 weeks to prepare and I haven't even come up with a title... please help! Without explanation just vote on the title (in sidebar) that would entice you to come along and have a little look or suggest one of your own in the comment box of this post... much appreciated!

Thank you for reading my posts in 2012 and don't stop in 2013 - Happy New Year!


  1. Hi Claire, hope 2013 is a good year for you. Your stitching in incredible. Love the concept. I vote for collector - something contemporary yet futuristic about it in a weird way. Can't explain why! Jayne x

    1. not sure about 'incredible' Jayne! Thanks for your input, am veering towards 'collector' more and more... my pieces being strongly influenced by my collected stuff, and some pieces incorporating some of it. we'll see...
      the weird way it sounds - I get, in a sort of serial killer way :-)
      Happy 2013 to you

  2. Hi Claire Happy New Year, I vote for collector, it just screams you. Hope you have a wonderful year.