Sunday, 14 October 2012

Here comes a new collection...

the good news:

Yes, this IS tidy...
  • My studio is tidy again and new (old) plan chest installed
  • I will have my 'Built Up - Broken Down' sketchbook back from Portugal hopefully within a couple of weeks which means I can continue designing from it - still loads of ideas to pursue
  • Soon I will have 2 new desks on which to put all my sewing machines on in a line (not unlike a factory)  
  • I am getting better at Illustrator (slightly)
  • Have started a new board on Pinterest - inspiration for my new collection :-)
  • 'fish' and 'chips' rings have joined the ' up your street' jewellery collection (packaging to be tweaked, obviously)


  1. You put me to shame Claire, so much work done, tidying too and working as well, is there no end to your talents? Look forward to seeing your new work from you sketchbook. jayne x

  2. need to move so I can have a work room too yours :-)

  3. Love the fish and chips!! And your studio is looking beautiful :)