Saturday, 21 April 2012

nearly there website...

My website is almost there and revamped... although there are still some things to be tweaked, just minor hopefully... i.e. the image sizes, the contact link, shop, and some of my content!
I do need your input though because every monitor is different, as are browsers etc. and I would like to (with the help of my glamorous web designer assistant) try and make it as uniform and delicious for everyone as am politely requesting/begging you to :
  • Please try and find me/ my site in google without using my name...if you can't then just use my name!
  • Go to my website and have a little look around. 
  • And if you can't find it on google just click here
  • comment on any aspect of it - what do you think?
  • suggestions are most welcome
  • also could you answer the poll question on the right regarding the font.
Thank you ever so much... 


  1. I have a mac and it looked really great!

  2. It looks fabulous and thanks for naming your logo after me!

  3. Hi!
    I searched on google for 'textile & surface designer' and got nothing in the first 10 pages so gave up and tried 'textile & surface designer, designer maker, embroidery' and your website came up on page 1 at number 6... three places behind CCAD ;-)
    P.S the text isn't in typewriter font using firefox... have you considered using courier as all computers have this X