Thursday, 12 January 2012

Valentines for cynics?...

I have finished my 'valentine' collection; a small collection of 3D paper 'sculpture' cards which are very lovely (I think) based on the sacred heart, one of my favourite emblems/logos.
And then the others... ' a card between 2 lovers' collection (I have just made that up), part of the 'stick your own sentiment' options. These are the stickers included so you can choose your own sentiment, some ARE nice, most are not SO nice. Which would you choose? (Answers in comments box please).
  1. I disagree with the gross commercialism of Valentines Day (because I never get a card).
  2. I bought myself this card …because you didn’t.
  3. you have to love me…I bought you this card.
  4. love’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
  5. I hope you feel guilty now.
  6. where’re my roses?
  7. I don’t agree with Valentine’s Day …because I love you all the time.
  8. guess who this is from then?
  9. I love you Valentine.
  10. What’s your name again?
  11. you mean more to me than my car.
  12. you mean more to me than my life.
  13. be mine.
  14. you're mine.
My own favourites are No.s 2 and 5. And very proud of those I am too.


  1. Well No 1 is true but I like No 2.

  2. You never know L , this might be your lucky year! X

  3. I absolutely love these designs and the choice of comments is brilliant....just need the cosmos to privide a recipient!!!!!