Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I don't really believe in cosmic ordering.

my LinkWithin link (!) reminded me of this post from approximately 1 year ago... it is now time to publish my cosmic ordering-like results for 2011.
well not quite as many things came true/ to fruition as in 2010; only 3.5 things from my list of 10. and one of those was fulfilled but not how I imagined/thought it would be. this may sound a poor result but No. 3 was actually huge... it is enough to have made me write a new list, hidden away now until Jan 2013, however I couldn't think of 10 things this time, I don't know if that means I want less or whether I am being more realistic or only writing things that are easier to achieve in order to make my list of successes look bigger/ longer/better next year. deep.

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  1. Good luck with this yrs list!!! Although not so many 'orders' seemed to have happened last year, it sounds like you didn't need the other 6.5 as one was so major!!!!

    I've found things never happen how you get what you want when you think about the words....just the interpretation may be a little different!!!!

    Sometimes it takes years for things to finally art degree (later life and then about 12 yrs work AS/Foundation/degree)

    My order for my degree and my children to have jobs came true so I am very happy about 2011's not too sure what's for this yrs list.....