Sunday, 8 January 2012

birthday anyone?

all in a weekend's work...
target= 30 cards (3 collections of 10)
obstacles in way= other things to do
deadline= midnight tonight
result= 10 cards (1 collection) + some unresolved idea's + stuff everywhere.

hopefully this limited edition of 10 cards made with gold scrap antlers (not real gold) from the heavenly RE will soon be stocked in FOLIO @ ccad. perhaps with another 20 (mmmm). so... if you have need of a slightly off the wall card for any occasion, look no further.
cheaper than most other imitations.


  1. DEER ME!!!!.....what fun....are they 'deer!!!!!!

  2. PS U r putting me 2 shame with all you do, both academically/practically, whilst I am sitting here plodding along with my dense academic stuff...time 4 me 2 get down 2 some practical art methinks........

  3. THANKS girls!
    AC = they are very inexpensive @ £2.50 although not as cheep as my Easter chick collection.

  4. Is that Edith chick ?!!!:-)...don't sell yourself deer...'cos you're worth it, as the ad says!!!!!