Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's happening...

because I got my new sketchbook - yey.

(thread by Chris)


  1. Wow!!!!!!

    So glad thread useful....but must need new specs.....cos can't see any thread on these really interesting developments!!!!????:-(

  2. In the second one down I have stitched with your thread - can you enlarge the pic? if not ... me completing it will give you something to look forward to! Ha Ha!

  3. Tried...still couldn't see...yep new specs definitely on New Years to do list!!!! Did enlarge and think you burnt one but can't think how you made all those lovely little tiny regularly cut holes,,,,and yes I am looking forwARD TO THE END RESULT AS VERY INTRIGUED TO KNOW WHERE IT'S GOING,WHAT THE CONCEPT BEHIND IT IS........

  4. PS saw your lovely medals etc at the DLI today-even better 'in the flesh' than in the pictures!!!!:-)