Saturday, 31 December 2011


my job for 2012... well some of it.
this is the stage where one knows not where it will go and how it shall end up; the project and the year...
of course it's never how you imagine (and that's about as deep as I get).


  1. Liking the collars....:-)

    Wonder if your wish list (well hidden until later in 2012) will be as successful as last year....hope so, for all your wishes.
    GOOD LUCK and a VERY HAPPY 2012 ......very best wishes and lol Chris/ Flower Child/Miss World 2012(in my dreams!!!!!!)
    PS 'No' might be the wisest...and Yes!!!! the most inspirational words for 2012......?!!!!

  2. I LIKE it. It's got an 'Invader' feel.