Sunday, 30 October 2011

new outlet 'FOLIO'

a new shop that 'would not look out of place in Columbia Road', in...Hartlepool!
my own front window display (shared I admit).
styling by the FABULOUSLY talented Lyndon with paper hand-shredded snow and everything 'ooo'.
there is a slight fly in the ointment in that no-one knows exactly when the shop will be open, mmm, I guess that makes it all the more exclusive.


  1. I've just been into your fabulous shop and you're soooo right it would fit in so well on "Columbia Road" alongside my friend's shop Jessie Chorley and Buddug humphries. All the products for sale are so well made hope it goes well, Lucey x

  2. Thanks Lucey!! Love your blog, it's so colourful ...
    Claire :-)