Saturday, 27 August 2011

hot off the

my copy has arrived... I am on page 298, don't know how I managed it looking at all the other gorgeousness in there! Buy/order here -LinkBargain !


  1. At last!!!! Congratulations-your contribution looks lovely vintage/childs shoe/butterfly(Blakes representative of the soul) such a sad subject but beautiful object.....

  2. Congratulations - and the shoe looks gorgeous!!

  3. 'a butterfly never meets it's mother’ (dalai lama), and... a white butterfly is said to be the soul of a dead child. (irish saying)
    the butterfly symbol also represents:
    -freedom (from poverty)
    -new life/rebirth/resurrection
    -significant change in the course of one’s life
    -a state of naturalness and purity
    this was from my foundling collection which was quite emotional.
    Chris... you're very intuitive ... and thanks Linda!

  4. Have always loved butterflies,such beautiful colourful but delicate creatures....what ever they represent! (hence including them in my FMP)Saw a very interesting programme on the Foundling Hospital and thought of your lovely creations....So lovely that a few of the foundlings did manage to find their Mothers due to the items that were left with them-awful for those that didn't...