Sunday, 26 June 2011

the medaller...

a new medal is on it's way... am still working out idea's and in the early stages of trial and error. I am completely unsure as yet which will be taken through to production.
I may have to have a little poll...when I return.
I am off to
London tomorrow for New Designers with 14 fabulous graduates for the week, can't believe it's come around again already...


  1. Loving the medals....and seeing the thought/design process... Have a great time in London and hope New Designers is very successful for all concerned.
    P.S. So good to see you are finally able to find a little time for producing new designs alresdy...after London......the worlds yur oyster!!

  2. Awesome work, have a fantastic time at New Designers x

  3. wonder how the 'medalling' is going????!!!!!!!!