Monday, 20 December 2010


Dear Line Dry Aficionado

I wish you all a very merry season with much goodwill and all that goes with it!

Thank you for your interest in my company and continued custom, I appreciate you all!

There is news afoot;

New Year = new idea’s, new rearrangements, new products and new resolve.

I shall be combining/condensing/spring cleaning all my sites in some way, shape or form in the new year,

I am continuing designing and hopefully shall be introducing a garment or two to line dry very soon; no. 1: the prototype is made albeit a little on the large size, fashion dictates it should be a size 6 (!) and now all there is to do is refine the surface design and get the embroidery done! No.2 is on the drawing board is awaiting my pattern cutter to get back from France, this piece shall be unadorned but will work quite nicely with garment No. 1. Also in the pipeline are some leather patches; medal-ly and military, motifs to be exact, don’t ask how they came about, it was a matter of unexpected development. I am not quite sure what I shall be doing with these at the moment, although one feels one should be working with Comme des Garçons in reality.

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  1. ignore a few missing letters... after 10 million attempts i give up!