Tuesday, 31 August 2010


from my recent German trip that included 2 flohmarkts...
er highlights included:-
  • an eighteenth birthday party (all night! what's that all about?!)
  • a family barbecue (not my real family but I adopted them anyway)
  • non stop coffee
  • spaghetti eis (3 teaspoonsful, how good am I?)
  • sun and 31 degrees
  • gatecrashing 1st class on the train...(read electronically reclining seats, businessmen, free drinks & nuts)
  • needless to say the embroidery i took with me was untouched...

Oma's sewing kit, bargain at 1 euro...note the REVOLVING reels of thread, I almost wet myself.

1.5" tape measure spool - still works! AND is in cms = bonus, gotta love those Europeans.

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