Sunday, 30 May 2010

making lists...

things to do...
  • plan trip to Karlsruhe via Frankfurt (better late than never) in 9 days time
  • prepare everything for sisters wedding, happening in 12 days time so have only got 7 days left - see above... (the st. tropez is now out of the question)
  • prepare for manic 2 days of putting degree show up (well nothing manual - just had nails done)
  • buy dress for above (when am i supposed to do that?)
  • tax return coming up (note to self -'do it')
  • remember to go on ebay at 6pm
  • get my e-mail sorted on
  • reply to all e-mails ever
  • 'oversee' the decorating going on upstairs
  • etc.
  • **sigh**
  • oh, has anyone got a white fiat 500 to help me ferry bridesmaids to church???
wow - try this... colour generator
i also like this... comic maker (obviously i don't have time to actually do it)

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