Tuesday, 17 March 2009

large project

the baby christening gown... well, it's large for me! i have very few days left on the AA2A scheme (2) and with the possibility of an exhibition looming i decided i'd better get going with something a little bigger than A4... i had prepared the dress weeks ago by dip dyeing and printing large soft turquoisey spots through a blank screen with manutex. it was ok but the actual amount of fabric in there put me off slightly and i wasn't sure where it was going. 3 weeks ago i digitally printed some images from my sketchbook and specifically for my dress, so yesterday i appliqued and i have started to embroider into it which you will see only upon close inspection...
reasons for dress: -

  • focal point for exhibition
  • had it for ages and wanted to use it
  • fit with whole collection
  • experimenting with stronger colour and 'busyness'
  • had title of piece, ' each of these, my three babies' from a song by sinead o'connor (will be referenced!)
stages of design/production: -
  • soaked dress in tea in stages to produce watermarks
  • dip dyed in antique gold procien
  • manutex screen printed spots using 2/3 colours
  • steamed to fix
  • washed to remove stiffness (and some of the tea stain!)
  • embroidered words on bodice
  • appliqued digital prints around hem
  • machine embroidery, then to continue...
  • hand embroidery
  • iron
  • add butterflies to symbolise letting go and setting free (in this case your children from poverty and certain starvation)
  • hang
  • voila

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