Saturday, 16 March 2013

Exhibition Put Up & Preview...

After an intense weekend of manically trying to finish off some pieces, buy frames (snow notwithstanding), do framing, getting the rusty metal collection together, designing & making iPhone case packaging, not sleeping... I started to install the rest of my exhibition. Luckily Lyndon, John and I had made a start on the Wednesday before... Still it seemed an insurmountable task and I got myself all aeriated and turned into a proper drama queen - I shall now have to be more sympathetic when my students are putting up their final shows!

By the end of the day it was looking like a professional job largely due to my kindhearted helpers. I was still completing odd tasks till an hour before opening the doors to the VIP guests though on Wednesday... e.g. handwriting the description cards and artist statement after approx 8 hours of doing it more 'slickly' on computer (it just wasn't working). The downside was that my fingers stayed covered in black ink for days. 
So to the preview night... after insisting I was not going to make a speech I was mortified (in a good way) when presented with a massive bunch of beautiful flowers from my team... awww, I still didn't make a speech however.
I was really touched by people's thoughtfulness - getting more flowers and even some presents of vintage stuff.
It was a really good night, thanks to everyone who came along, brought their homemade cakes and made it a memorable occasion. I will be putting more pictures of the exhibits on my Facebook page for the duration and hopefully when it closes, a video, so those who can't make it can have an overall impression of the whole thing. Lots of people have said that the work does look much better in real life so please do try to come and see it and stitch a bit... 

Opening times here: Folio Gallery


  1. Absolutely fabulous exhibition, Lucey x

  2. It all looks fantastic Claire, glad your preview night went well. Definitely coming down to see the exhibition. jaynex

  3. Amazing exhibition Claire,
    posted about it on my blog...